‘Momentum’ (2019-) is innovative lens-based project exploring the identity of stunt performers and gymnasts.

Through photographic exploration of training grounds’ interiors, individual and group studio portraiture and still life arrangements of training objects the project will offer the audience an innovative representation of the group which goes beyond commonly accepted visual parameters.

At the core of the project is innovative visual representation of the idea of effort, failure, performance, perseverance, success, teamwork, tension, and transition – words which are used to describe both stunt performing activities as well as current state of democracy within EU and UK.

Situating making and disseminating the project to public at the time of UK leaving the European Union adds another layer of socio-political significance.

The completed body of work will consists of hand-made large format colour photographs and 16mm moving image piece with sound and will offer valuable insights into politics of photographic representation, agency within artistic production as well as subversive value which lens based images attain.

Premiere: Autumn 2019